The first White Scarf Treaty

As patron of the order, Queen Tara receives her White Scarf from the hand of Queen Karlanna, as King Artan (seated) watches

Alexandre receives his White Scarf from Queen Tara becoming the Premier

Adelicia Gilwell and Erasmimirz Waspanenski(Greyraven) flank King Seamus, Queen Karlanna and King Artan. (I think that is the gift of material from the bolt of cloth which made the first Ansteorran White Scarf. - ALdA)


We, Seamus and Karlanna, King and Queen of Ansteorra, and Artan and Tara, King and Queen of the Outlands, do by these Letters: Publish and Proclaim Our Intent to create an Order in our Kingdoms, to be known as the Order of the White Scarf. Further, We do mutually recognize that this order shall be chartered in Our own Kingdoms, as custom allows. We pledge to honour the styles and precedence as shall be established by charter, and to allow and encourage Those of Our Royal Cousins who may wish, to establish this Order in Their own Kingdoms. By this document We command Our Heralds to present the Title and Badges of this Order to the College of Arms, that it may be registered to the Titularies of our Kingdoms.

Done by Our hands this 11th day of October, Anno Societatis XXII being 1987 Gregorianis, at the InterKingdom Phune in the Shire of Scorpions Hollow.

Seamus, King of Ansteorra
Karlanna, Queen of Ansteorra
Artan, King of the Outlands
Tara, Queen of the Outlands
Adelicia Gilwell,Star Principal Herald of Ansteorra
Erasimirz Waspanenski, White Stag Principal Herald in the Outlands

Pictures courtesy of Duchess Berengaria (formerly Tara)
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