Charter for the Order of the White Scarf of the Outlands

I. There shall exist in the Kingdom of the Outlands an award, known as the Order of the White Scarf, which may be given by the King and Queen to those persons who have demonstrated excellence in the art of fence, giving freely of their expertise in the use and artistry of this weapons form, and the courtly graces which accompany its mastery.

II. The holders of this award shall be styled Defenders of the White Scarf, and shall be entitled to place the initials D.W.S. after their names.

III. The insignia of the order shall be some rendition of a white scarf worn under the arm and tied at the shoulder.

IV. The award shall be non-precedential.

V. Amendments to this charter shall be made by the Crown of the Outlands.

By Our hands this 12th day of September, Anno Societatis Twenty-Two, being 1987 Gregorian.

Artan, King
Tara, Queen
Erasimierz Waspanieski, White Stag Principal Herald

The charter was revised, or rather, amended, in October.
This is a scan of the document as published in the Kingdom newsletter, the Outlandish Herald. I am indebted to Countess AElflaed of Duckford for finding and scanning this.
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